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Black Ridge Vents on a Silver Roof?

If that sounds like a crazy color combination, then the folks at Snap-Z have a new video just for you.

Snap-Z’s are the innovative vented ridge closure for metal roofs that work with AB Martin’s open-hemmed ridge cap. The extra wide flange means you only need half the number of pop-rivets as a standard ridge vent. Plus the pre-applied butyl tape and the pre-punched fastener slots alone give the Snap-Z an edge on their competitor (pun intended.)

AB Martin stocks the Snap-Z in black, but it is available in over 15 standard colors. So why would you use black Snap-Z’s on a colored metal roof?

While you’re here, check out the new installation video and the case study we did on Snap-Z’s vs an oil-canning ridge cap.