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Snowstorm – A Short Film About Metal Roofing

What started as a simple re-roof, turns into a pending disaster when a snowstorm threatens to unleash its forces on the compromised roof. Can the contractor get his supplies in time to avoid catastrophe?

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the inner-workings of AB Martin as they strive to supply Zimtech Exteriors with a real metal roof for a real house before a real snowstorm.


Titus Zimmerman
Mike Gattuso
Amos Zimmerman
Rodney Halteman
Dale Martin
Barry Wenger
Jason Wenger
Gerald Auker
Roy Nolt
Allen Eberly
Micah Moser
Clifford Martin
Mike Burkholder
JD Burkholder

Special Thanks to the team at ZimTech Exteriors:

Anthony Wenger
Daniel Ebersole
Jeffrey Freysz
Shane Sensenig
Stephen Hartley
Uriah Neufeld


Executive Producer:
Lavern Zimmerman

Micah Seibel
Scott Eash
Shad Eash

Micah Seibel
Shad Eash

Shad Eash

Sound Design:
Scott Eash

Visual Effects:
Dan Lantz
Shad Eash

Filmed on location in Ephrata, Pennsylvania

Shot on the BMPCC 6K, Canon 5D Mark IV, DJI Phantom 4 Pro+, and the GoPro Hero 6

Made in collaboration with ShadBoost and AB Martin.

© Copyright 2021, AB Martin. All rights reserved.