Energizer & Duracell Batteries — many sizes and types including hearing aid batteries

Light Bulbs

• CFL Bulbs
• Flood Light Bulbs
• Sylvania Ceiling Fan Bulbs
• Appliance Bulbs
• Fluorescent Bulbs (T8 and T12)
• Feit and Sylvania LED Bulbs
• Metal Halide Bulbs
• LED Recessed Lighting Bulbs
• Heat Bulbs


• Surge Protectors
• Surge Protected Power Strips
• Fan Timers – 24hr timers
• Many Sizes of Extension Cords – Including Yellow Jacket Cords
• Appliance Cords
• Breaker Panels and GE, Square D, and Eaton Breakers
• Plastic and Metal Boxes
• Indoor Switches, Receptacles, and Covers
• Outdoor Boxes, Switches, Receptacles, and Covers
• 1/2″ – 3″ PVC Conduit Pipe, Elbows, and Fittings
• Conduit Hangers
• 1/2″ – 1″ EMT Conduit and Fittings
• Building Wire and Underground Burial Wire


• Halo Recess Lighting

• 36 Watt LED Shop Lights
• Fluorescent Shop Lights
• Outdoor Security Lights
• Dusk to Dawn Lights Including LED
• Power Zone Recessed Lighting
• Boston Harbor Interior Fixtures
• Hunter and Boston Harbor Ceiling Fans

Crimps and Connectors
Electrical Hand Tools
Smoke And Co Alarms
Fire Extinguishers
Floor Registers
Bathroom Exhaust Fans
Dryer Vent Kits
Telephones and Cords
Maglight, Streamlight, Nebo, Coast, and Dorcy Flashlights

And much more.