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We have a large selection of sealants for interior and exterior use for waterproofing masonry and concrete to sealing cracks and trim.

Caulking – 10 Oz.

• Geocel in Many Colors
• Nova Flex
• OSI Quad
• 100% Silicone
• Lexel
• Loctite Acrylic
• Loctite Tub and Tile
• Loctite Window and Door
• Big Stretch
• Through the Roof
• Everseal
• Liquid Nails

Caulking – 28 Oz.

• Liquid Nails
• OSI SF450
• Loctite

Squeeze Tubes

• Dap Kitchen and Bath
• Loctite Tub and Tile
• Lexel Multi-purpose


• FRP Plastic Panel Adhesive (Gallons)
• FRP-555 Glassboard Glue (Gallons)
• Contact Cement
• Epoxy
• Elmer’s Multi-purpose Glue
• Titebond Wood Glue
• Gorilla Glue

Concrete Caulking (Sika, Quikrete, and Mor-Flex)


• Deco 20 Concrete Sealer
• Deco 30 Concrete Sealer
• Drylok (Gallons and 5 Gallons)
• Drylok Extreme (Gallons and 5 Gallons)
• Powered Waterproofer (7 Lbs., 21 Lbs., and 35 Lbs.)
• Hydraulic Cement

Spray Foam

• Geocel Foam
• Great Stuff: Fire Block, Gaps and Cracks, Big Gap Filler, and Pest Block
• Touch and Foam: Landscape Foam and Fire Break


• Caulking Guns
• Foam Dispensing Guns

Driveway Repair

Quikrete Blacktop Repair Tube


QUIKRETE® Blacktop Repair Tube

A sanded acrylic formula that fills and seals cracks in blacktop surfaces. Color and texture blends with the surrounding blacktop. Weather resistant formula remains flexible and adheres to both asphalt and concrete.

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IMG_5612_Seaboard Bond-x


Seaboard Bond-X

High quality, pre-mixed, asphalt “cold patch” compound. Combining a carefully selected aggregate with a special bitumen formula.

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DriveGuard Rubberized Crack Filler


DRIVEGUARD Rubberized Crack Filler

An asphalt emulsion which contain no solvents. Comes in convenient squeeze bottle with an adjustable spout to fill cracks up to ½ “ width. Filler is rubberized for flexibility.

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IMG_5610_driveway top dressing


Seaboard Equinox Asphalt Gilsonite Driveway Sealer

Seaboard Equinox Oil-Based Sealer is a superior gilsonite driveway sealer that dries to a beautiful black glossy surface.

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