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AB Martin carries several kinds of soffit to compliment our pole building and metal roofing sales.  Each kind has its unique purpose and comes in a variety of colors to match our metal roofing and siding.


AB Martin Soffit

Steel Soffit – Vented

IMG_5865_vented_web 2Our vented steel soffits are formed and perforated in-house and are one of the key aspects of a good attic ventilation system.  Vented soffits work especially well with our AB-35 Ridge Vent.  In order for the hot air to escape out of the ridge vent, fresh air needs to enter the building from somewhere, and our vented steel soffit allows the correct amount of fresh air to equalize the air pressure caused by the escaping heat.

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Steel Soffit – Solid

IMG_5866_solid_web 2

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Vinyl Soffit – Mastic

 uvs12cp_hero3Free air space area per square foot: 5.87 sq. in.
Size: 12” x 12’
Rib Size: 0.036” Thick