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Blades & Bits

Large selection of quality blades and bits for every application in stock.

Dremel Tools and Bits

Multi Tool Blades

Router Bits – Freud and CMT

Circular Saw Blades – Diablo, CMT, and Irwin

• Metal Cutting Blades
• Finishing Blades
• Carbide Tip Blades
• Ripping Blades
• Trex Blades
• Hardie Blades
• Fiber-cement Blades

Sawzall Blades – Diablo, Milwaukee, and Irwin

• Metal Cutting Blades
• Wood Cutting Blades
• Cast Iron Cutting Blades
• Carbide Grit Blades
• Bi-metal Blades

Jig Saw Blades – Lenox and Irwin

Drill/Driver Bits and Nut Setters

• Masonry Bits (Standard and SDS)
• Wood Auger Bits
• Wood Spade Bits
• Speedbor Bits
• Self-Feed Bits
• Forstner Bits
• Cobalt Drill Bits
• Black Oxide Drill Bits
• Titanium Drill Bits
• High Speed Steel Bits
• Drill Bit Sets
• Driver Bit Sets
• Insert Bits
• Impact Ready Bits
• Nut Setter Bits

Hole Saws – Lenox, Milwaukee, and Irwin