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Prevent Crushing Snow Slides from Metal Roofs with Snow Defender Snow Guards

Don’t be caught unaware by crushing snow slides off of metal roofs. Prevention could never be easier with the easy and simple installation of the Snow Defender Snow Guards.

Ben Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

When you hear it’s going to snow, bad driving conditions are probably the only problem that comes to mind.

But you should be thinking about the snow on the roof. It only takes a second for snow sliding off a metal roof to rip off gutters, crush landscaping, damage expensive vehicles, or worse, cause human injuries.

The team behind the Snow Defender line of snow guards have engineered two high-performance (and cost-effective) snow guards that are a perfect fit for A.B. Martin’s two most popular metal panels.

Snow Defender 4500

The Snow Defender 4500 for exposed fastener roof panels – like the ABM Panel – is a breeze to install thanks to the pre-punched screw holes and factory-applied EPDM Rubber Sealer.

EPDM rubber sealer
EPDM Rubber Sealer

The 16 Gauge type 304 stainless steel that will never rust, is powder-coated to match our ABM Panel colors.

Snow Defender 6500

The Snow Defender 6500 is perfect for hidden-fastener roof panels like the ABSeam Panel. The round point set-screw pinches the rib without penetrating the panel or compromising the warranty.

Snow Defender 6500 set screw
Set Screw

Show your customers that you care about their safety and the integrity of their metal roofs by giving them Snow Defender snow guards.


Log on to https://SnowDefenderCalculator.com for a step-by-step calculator on proper snow guard installation.