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Snow Defender

Snow Defender snow guards are Roofing Professional’s preferred Snow Guards. Rural Builder ranked these snow guards, a top 12 product! Now you should find out, too, why hundreds of builders and roofers prefer these Snow Defender™ products.

They keep large quantities of snow from sliding off a metal roof, and they look great doing it. These durable snow guard models come powder coated in numerous colors for longevity and protection from the outdoor elements.

How many do you need? Use the snow guard calculator!

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Snow Defender Snow Guards

Snow Defender

Snow Defender™ 4500

The patented Snow Defender™ 4500 is the snow guard you need for long lasting protection against melting snow. Designed for use with exposed fastener panels on 2×4 purlins in the flat position.

The EPDM Rubber seal makes installation quick and easy. No extra caulk to take up on the roof, just screws and snow guards. The 304 Stainless Strong design and ability to use up to a #14 screw for fastening assures that these snow guards stay on the roof.


Snow Defender™ 1500

The Snow Defender™ 1500 is designed for uses with an exposed fastener panel on 2×4 purlins in the upright position, or on 2×4 purlins in the flat position.

The 1500 has an EPDM rubber seal, so it makes for an effortless install — you only need the snow guards and screws, no extra caulk required. It’s designed for narrow purlins or steel building Z’s. The screw pattern allows for fastening into a purlin on edge.


Snow Defender™ 6500

The patented Snow Defender™ 6500 is designed for standing seam roofs and is the snow guard of choice for many roofers. It fits standing seams up to 3/8″ width and 1″ through 1 3/4″ seam height.

This strong 304 stainless design and patented non-piercing clamping attachment allows snow retention on most standing seam profiles.


Snow Defender™ Buster™

These polycarbonate snow guards are clear so you can hardly see them. It’s a strong design with a 4 screw attachment method, making it our largest Snow Defender for use with exposed fastener roofs.


Snow Defender™ PC240

Clear and virtually invisible, the patented PC240 meets the builder’s needs for a strong and reasonably priced snow guard.

Made of polycarbonate lexan, the PC240 holds up to the weather elements.

SB-190 Superbond Everseal Super Strength Caulk


Berger recommends the Surebond Everseal (SB-190) when using adhesive to install the CL Snow Guard.  This product has been proven in the industry for this particular use.  SB-190 requires 28 days (672 consecutive hours) of 50 degrees Fahrenheit, or warmer temperatures to fully cure to 2000psi shear tensile strength.  Berger recommends SB-190 as the strongest adhesive.  In any case of adhesive bond failure, there is no warranty by Berger for the adhesive.

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