Country Gym in Textured Black, Charcoal, and Galvanized – Building Showcase


The Long’s built a unique barn/gym with a country yet modern feel. The exterior walls feature the Textured Black ABM Panel with a 40-year warranty. For the roof, they used the glare resistant Textured Charcoal ABM Panel. And finally, for the interior, they used the G-90 Galvanized ABM Panel for the walls and ceiling.

The Snow Defender 4500 provided the snow retention.

Roof Panel: ABM Panel
Roof Color: Textured Charcoal
Side Panel: ABM Panel
Side Color: Textured Black
Builder: Timberline Buildings
Location: Tower City, PA

Gym with G-90 Galvanized ABM Panel Ceiling and Walls

Gym with Textured Charcoal ABM Panel Roof

Gym with Textured Black ABM Panel Walls

Garage with rough cut shiplapp

Unique Garage with Textured Black ABM Panel Sides

Glare Resistant Textured Black ABM Panel


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