Immaculate Horse Ranch in Historic Mechanicsburg, PA

In beautiful Mechanicsburg, PA, and the location of Senator Maris Harvey Taylor’s 1900’s hunting cabin is the setting for today’s building showcase. It’s a working ranch with several outbuildings, an indoor riding arena, and horse stalls that were built with A.B. Martin supplies.

The color theme is bold.  The Scarlet Red and Bright White ABM Panels look sharp.  The skylights on the shingle roof is a unique and practical feature.

To roof the cabin and garage built on the site of Senator Taylor’s hunting cabin, they chose the Textured Colonial Red ABSeam Panel.

Cabin Roof Material: ABSeam Panel
Cabin Roof Color: Textured Colonial Red
Siding Material: ABM Panel
Siding Color: Scarlet Red and Bright White
Location: Mechanicsburg, PA
Builder: Kings Siding


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