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Extreme Review of the New Milwaukee Stud Tape Measure

Disclaimer: Milwaukee did not pay us anything to conduct this review. We bought and destroyed both brands of tape measures at our own expense. Our goal was to provide an honest look at the advantages and disadvantages of both brands. (We sell both at our hardware stores.)

We just got our Milwaukee Stud Tape Measure. It’s 25 foot and a pretty decent looking tape measure.

Milwaukee claims the Stud features…

We wanted to do some testing on the durability of the stud against the leading competitor’s product. We chose not to reveal the identity of the competitive tape measure, but it is a very popular and high-quality tool.

Throw Test

First of all, we did a throw test. We threw each tape measure up in the air as high as we could, watch it land on the blacktop, and see what happens.

Competitive Product

Milwaukee Cracked

Visibly, the Stud sustained more cosmetic damage than the competitive product. (Perhaps the tape helped hold it together.) But upon further inspection, the performance of the Stud was unaffected by the damage to the case, while the competitive product could not smoothly be pulled out or retracted.

Tape measure Kink Test

Next, we did a little bit of a kink test. We pulled the tape out and kinked it over backward. Then we placed it down on the blacktop, stepped on it, and really give it a go.

Kink test of the Milwaukee Stud Tape Measure

The Milwaukee Stud was definitely kinked, and by working it back and forth we were able to put a small tear in it with some difficulty. We tried to do the same test with the competitor product, but almost as soon as it was kinked over and stepped on, the tape snapped in two. Later we discovered that you could snap the tape with your fingers. Not a good sign.

Tape Measure Tears with Fingers

We would say by far the Milwaukee Stud certainly outperformed the competitor product on the kink test.

Scratch Test Tape Measures

Next, we wanted to test how good the numbers and the lettering holds up to abuse. We ran a section of tape measure back and forth through a concrete block, applying firm pressure to do a good amount of damage. We actually went easier on the competition this time because, after the kink test, we were afraid of it snapping.

Milwaukee Tape Measure Scratch Resistant
Competitive Tape Measure Scratch Fail

Both tape measures curled, rendering them practically unusable. But while the Milwaukee was worn, all the numbers and marks were still readable, the same could not be said of the competitive tape measure. In some cases, the paint had been scratched off completely revealing the bare aluminum.

Just for fun, we did a final test were drove over both tape measures with a Ford F150. But neither tape measure was significantly affected.

If you are impressed with how well the winner holds up, take advantage of the special offer.

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