[Drone Video] Strock Horse Farm – Building Showcase


The Building Showcase is back with an amazing aerial drone video of the Strock Horse Farm highlighting the ABM Panel on its unique buildings.

Nestled away in a quiet, rural setting lives the Strock Horse Farm in Mechanicsburg, PA. Like many country farms with a history, it has a mix of old and new buildings.

In 2007, the house was re-roofed by King’s Roofing and Siding.

In 2011, Quarry View Construction built an indoor riding arena attached to the existing bank barn.

In 2017, Kauffman Brothers re-roofed and re-sided the bank barn giving it new life.

In 2018, Sunrise Valley Construction built a new horse barn.

The color scheme for all the buildings have remained fairly consistent: Pewter Gray ABM Panel roof, Beige ABM Panel sides, and Barn Red ABM Panel wainscoting and trim.

Roof Panel: ABM Panel
Roof Color: Pewter Gray/Ash Gray
Side Panel: ABM Panel
Side Color: Beige
Wainscoting Panel: ABM Panel
Wainscoting Color: Barn Red
Builders: King’s Roofing and Siding, Quarry View Construction, Kayffman Brother’s, and Sunrise Valley Construction
Location: Mechanicsburg, PA

Barn Red and Beige Horse Barn-SLE_3446-HDR

Barn Red and Beige Horse Barn-DJI_0046

Barn Red and Beige Horse Barn-DJI_0024



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