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Amazing Horse Barn Remodel in the Cumberland Valley

It’s as different as night and day. You can hardly recognize the remodeled barn as the dilapidated structure that it used to be. (See before pictures below.)

“Rotten” was the plywood siding.

“Sagging” was the shingle roof.

The balcony came crashing down under the weight of a gigantic snow drift — tearing the side of the building off with it.

The sparrows found a haven thanks to the broken windows.

Something had to be done.

The owner called Craig Alleman Construction. New plans were drawn up and the work began.

Soon trucks with supplies from A.B. Martin were pulling into the driveway.

Maintenance-free metal panels replaced the rotten siding. With their 40-year warranty, the owner will not have to worry about painting or staining.

Shims corrected the sagging roof deck. A gleaming metal roof now graces the peak — with a cupola and copper weathervane as the cherry on top.

The balcony now has a roof to shield it from the weather. Rocking chairs, with a view of the pasture and pond, provide respite from a busy life.

New windows and doors limit the bird visitations.

The stonework and decorative woodwork take the barn from functional to exceptional.

The transformation is complete. The hard work and planning have paid off.

Roof Panel: ABM Panel
Roof Color: Dark Blue
Siding Panel: ABM Panel
Siding Color: Clay
Location: Newburg, PA
Contractor: Craig Alleman Construction


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