Berger® Snow Guard Systems

Berger® offers the most extensive selection of snow guards for virtually any type of residential or commercial roof, including metal, slate, shingle, and cedar. They are designed to reduce large sheets of snow and ice from avalanching off a sloped roof and causing extensive damage to property and pedestrians.

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Most Berger Snow Guard Systems are available in copper, stainless steel, galvanized iron, clear polycarbonate, and in a wide variety of stamped patterns and ornamental castings, but AB Martin as a Berger® Authorized Dealer is only stocking the following:

Berger Snow Guard Systems

No. 100 Snow Guard Assembly – For Slate And Asphalt Shingled Roofs
Berger Snow Guard Systems


The No. 100 Snow Guard Assembly has eliminated the necessity of removing slate – avoiding the possibility of breakage – when installing new snow guards.  Simply insert the slotted bar under the slate or shingle, engage a nail with one for the conveniently placed slots and pull down to fully secure bar.  This style snow guard provides fast installation and works well with existing or new construction applications with asphalt shingled roofs.

Available in Copper and Stainless Steel.


AP™ Snow Guards


The Berger® AP-400 is a non-penetrating device that has been engineered specifically for use with the more popular structural and non-structural performed and architectural metal roof systems.  They are secured without glues or sealants, and utilize custom milled stainless steel set screws to clamp them in place.  They are produced in cast aluminum and are available in three different seam widths and heights.  The attachment of the AP-400 does not restrict thermal movement, and the deep throat permits it to be secured directly without damaging caps or compressing internal gasketing or sealant pockets.  The wide, deep blade design makes it particularly effective in retaining snow with the higher seams and wider panel widths common in performed architectural roofing.

Accommodate seams of up to 3/8″ thickness and at least 1-1/2″ high, including snap-lock interlocking panels.

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RT® Snow Guards


The Berger® RT-300 is a non-penetrating device that is secured to the standing seams of metal roofs utilizing stainless steel set screws to clamp them in place.  They require no glues or sealants, and will not restrict thermal movement or contribute to unsightly oil-canning.  RT-300 are available in cast aluminum and cast bronze.  They are particularly suited to double-lock and mechanically seamed metal roofing, and being traditional in design, they are ideal for restoration and preservation work.

Designed to fit a 1″ high seam. Is NOT compatible with the standard ABSeam panel, (we highly recommend the Snow Defender 6500 or S-5! products for use with our ABSeam Panel).

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No. 100 Snow Guard Shoe – For Flat Metal Roof Surfaces
IMG_5942_No 100 Copper


IMG_5941_No 100 Steel


The No. 100 Snow Guard Shoe provides economy grade protection for your gutter, foundation, or shrubbery from falling snow and ice.  Ideal for mounting to corrugated or flat roof panels.  Stainless steel offers no corrosion problems or stains and is suitable for paint to match your roof.  The copper guard can be soldered or fastened to copper roof panels.  These guards provide 7.75 square inches of stopping area.  Holes for #10 screws or rivets.

1″ x 2″ flat mounting area.  This snow guard is available in Copper and Stainless Steel.

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No. 20 Snow Guard – For Metal Corrugated Roof Surfaces

The No. 20 Snow Guard is meant to be fastened with rivets to the panel or nailed through the roof into the structural member.  It fits on top of the corrugation.

Designed to fit 1-1/4″ or 2-1/2″ corrugation.  Available in Galvanized Malleable Iron.


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Berger® CL Snow Guards
IMG_5938_CL Structural

“Structural Rib” SNGPRT

IMG_5945_CL Surface Mount

“Surface Mount” SNGPBP

Berger CL Snow Guards are manufactured in a crystal clear polycarbonate with U.V. stabilizers.  There are two models of the Berger Clear Snow for structural ribs and surface mount.  The unique vent rib system allows for adhesive out-gassing, which increases the shear and mechanical strength.  The three to one base to blade ratio adds significantly to the shear and peel adhesion of the device to the surface.  Superior engineering, along with the structured ribs prevents common blade breakage.  Berger Clear Snow Guards are able to be attached mechanically with washer face screws into the purlin sealed with SB-190 or fully or adhered with the same.

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MINI Clear Snow Guards
IMG_5944_Mini Clear


Berger Mini Clear Snow Guards are manufactured in a premium, high clarity, polycarbonate plastic.  This U.V. stabilized model provides maximum protection to fit an economical budget.  The two to one base to blade ratio the 4.5 square inch holding area, and the gusseted blade snow pocket combine to effectively retain snow.  They are well suited for mechanical attachments with washer face screws into the purlin sealed with SB-190 or fully adhered with the same.  The MINI Clear Snow Guard features a blade “Snowflake” slot that accepts a metal color chip or custom emblem.

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SB-190 Superbond Everseal Super Strength Caulk


Berger recommends the Surebond Everseal (SB-190) when using adhesive to install the CL Snow Guard.  This product has been proven in the industry for this particular use.  SB-190 requires 28 days (672 consecutive hours) of 50 degrees Fahrenheit, or warmer temperatures to fully cure to 2000psi sheer tensile strength.  Berger recommends SB-190 as the strongest adhesive.  In any case of adhesive bond failure, there is no warranty by Berger for the adhesive.

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