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Glulam Post

glulam postsStronger:
Multiple members increase strength over solid sawn members. Laboratory tested design values.

Dimensional Stability:
GluLams have consistent dimensions, are straighter and available in longer lengths (up to 40’) than solid sawn members. GluLams are also resistant to twisting, splitting and checking.

Kiln Dried CCA lumber which allows finished post to weigh approx. 60% of similar sized treated solid sawn member.

Structural adhesives mean nails and lags hold without splitting plys as with nail laminated columns, also no nails or plates to damage saws. Untreated tops reduce exposure to CCA and allow use of standard fasteners. (non-corrosive)

GluLams are competitive priced and do not carry the high premiums for longer lengths as solid sawn members.

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Green Posts


Provides superior protection from the harmful effects of:

Extends the service life and enhances the performance of wooden posts.

Environmentally Friendly

Not only does GREEN POST function as a barrier to prevent decay, it also prevents the preservative chemicals in treated post from entering the soil.

Exclusive Notch Design

Provides superior resistance to wind uplift.
(Up to four times the uplift resistance as rebar or blocking methods.)
Eliminates the need to fabricate the typical anchoring devices on the jobsite.

Many Possible Applications

“Barrier protection will substantially increase the lifespan of any utility pole by protecting it from fungal & insect attack far more effectively than a preservative treatment alone can achieve while preventing preservatives from leaching into the environment.”

“Barrier systems are designed to prevent the invasion of wood-destroying fungi and termites which typically occurs as the preservative migrates from the wood leaving it vulnerable to attack.”

– Osmose and Copper Care, the leaders in chemical preservatives for utility poles.

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Perma Column Rotten PostPerma-Columns are five-foot precast concrete columns that keep wood out of the ground, ensuring your building’s foundation will never rot. They are the first product to combine the economy of pole building construction with the durability of a concrete foundation. Simple installation. No waiting on concrete trucks. No treated wood in the ground. No More Rot Problems!

Now available with glu-Lam posts pre-attached.

Sturdi-Wall Drill Set BracketSturdi-Wall Drill Set Brackets

Heavy duty, drill-set anchor system.  Designed to connect pole building structures to existing traditional concrete foundations.

Sturdi-Wall Plus Wet Set BracketsSturdi-Wall Plus Wet Set Brackets

Heavy duty, wet-set anchor system designed to connect pole building structures to traditional concrete foundations.

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Perma-Column Deck Post