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Textured Metal Panels?

Texture Metal Panels

That’s exactly what they are:

26 gauge steel in 6 colors with textured finishes instead of smooth finishes.

Homeowners like it because the unique textured surface redirects sunlight for less glare than smooth panels. Plus the textured panels are less prone to “oil canning” which makes for a more attractive roof.

Contractors like it because the texture provides more grip during installation than smooth panels.

Texture Black Metal Panel

What profiles do the Textured Metal Panels come in?

The 6 energy-efficient colors are available in our ABM Panel profile, or ABSeam panel profile, and our R panel profile.

See drawings of each below.

Texture ABM Panel Profile

Texture ABSeam Panel Profile

Texture R Panel Profile


Where can it be used?

Textured metal panels can be used pretty much anywhere smooth panels can be used… with two exceptions.

We’ve seen it done on the roof.  We’ve seen it done on the walls.  We’ve seen it done on houses, businesses, and on ag buildings.

It’s that last one (ag buildings) that brings us to the first exception.

The textured panels have a galvalume substrate. That means it should not be used for animal confinement.  That’s because of how the ammonia vapors react with the galvalume.  (Use our zinc-heavy galvanized panels instead.)

The second exception only applies to the R panel.  Because it lacks the purlin-bearing-leg of the PBR panel, the R panel overlap is not strong enough to be used on roof applications.

Does it have a warranty?


Because the textured coating is baked into the metal coil at the factory, our textured panels carry the same 40-year paint warranty as our other panels (see warranty for details).

New house with Textured Bronze Standing Seam

Closing Summery

6 Colors: Black, Colonial Red, Burgundy, Charcoal, Bronze, and Evergreen

3 Profiles: ABM Panel, ABSeam Panel, and R Panel

Warranty: 40-years