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Need a Custom Garage?

Maybe you’re tired of defrosting your windshield in sub-freezing weather. Maybe you want to protect your classic car, expensive boat, or other investments. Or maybe you just want the extra storage. (Who wouldn’t?)

Sounds like you’re thinking about a new garage.

Custom Garage with Vinyl Shake Siding

But it needs to be so tall, and so wide, and, of course, it needs to match the house.

It would be crazy to think there is a “one size fits all” solution.

Sounds like you need a custom garage from A.B. Martin.

Custom Garage with Copper Penny Metal Roof

A.B. Martin is a leading manufacturer and supplier of building materials in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Newville, Pennsylvania (about an hour’s drive from Harrisburg).  We stock the trusses, lumber, garage doors, vinyl siding, gutters, shingles, metal roofing, cupolas, and weathervanes used in many custom garages across the east coast.

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Custom Garage with Evergreen Metal Roof

In fact, we stock over 35,000 different building products in our warehouses and hardware stores.
custom garage with Beige Metal

We have a knowledgeable and friendly sales team that are here to walk you through the sea of options.

Pick your siding materials, windows, garage doors and sizes, roofing colors, and more.

And the next thing you know, the truck loaded with the building materials for your custom garage is pulling in your driveway.

Give us a call: 717-445-6885


custom garage with red truck

A lot of A.B. Martin custom garages are built using the post frame construction design that was developed prior to WWII. It is still very popular today because it allows for larger garages at a lower material and labor cost than traditional timber framing techniques.


custom garage with brown and tan metal

With the right building materials, a post frame garage will be around for generations.


Garage with black metal roof

Need a builder for your garage? 

Since A.B. Martin does not offer installation services, we’ve put together a helpful list of recommended contractors.

We’re just a phone call away: 717-445-6885