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Esh Builders LLC

At Esh Builders, we specialize in roofing (shingles, metal, or standing seam), siding, replacement windows/doors, additions, and new garages.  We use A.B. Martin as our trusted supplier with quality products.


Our Company has been growing and expanding since it was established in 2012. Our Company motto is “Building What Matters.” It refers to the buildings we create—and a lot more!  We try to build a positive Company image each day by hard work and integrity. We are also building relationships that matter. We build relationships with our Creator, our co-workers, customers, vendors, and whomever crosses our path. And finally, “Building What Matters” reminds us of an important project—our character development. In our day-to-day work as a Company, we are striving to build character. Let’s make it positive!



The first Esh Builders was started because a father had nine sons who needed work. I was one of those sons. I started working for my dad’s construction business at eighteen years old and continued working there for five years. Then I switched to farming until one of my sons was ready to try his hand at it. I left the farm in my son’s care in 2010 and began working for Timberline Pole Building, where I stayed for two years.

In the spring of 2012, I decided to start my own construction business using the name “My Master’s Trade.” A friend told me about a man named Jeff Hepler who was looking for a job. I called him and the first time we talked, we seemed to connect. We shared a vision for a Christian work atmosphere free of ungodly music, bad language, and tobacco.
My construction business became the second Esh Builders. After talking to my dad, I sensed that it would please him if I would carry on the family business name. I made the decision to use the “Esh Builders” name for my business rather than “My Master’s Trade.” Since its beginning in 2012, the business has been growing. When I wanted to cut back on my workload, my son Matthew stepped up to the plate to handle much of the day-to-day operations. Matthew and I share the responsibility of the business and enjoy the privilege of running a family business together. —by Gideon Esh, Owner

253 Weaver Lane
Elizabethville PA 17023



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