Vinyl Gable Vents

Mid-America Gable Vents (in-stock and available from AB Martin) offer key features that have become the benchmark in the industry. Our patented snap-on trim ring provides a beautiful finished appearance once the vent has been installed, hiding rough cuts and reducing installation time. Each gable vent, backed by a limited lifetime warranty, has more Net Free Ventilation Area for optimal venting than industry standards for enhanced energy efficiency. Mid-America gable vents provide added architectural detail with their wood grain finish and sharp distinctive features.

Installation is easy with our wide nailing flange, leveling lines, adjustable stop gauge and snap-on trim ring. A wide variety of functional and decorative gable vents is available. Functional vents have a double baffle design for optimum aesthetics and protection against adverse weather. The sealed-in fiberglass screen offers complete insect and animal protection.

Vinyl Gable Vents

Octagon Gable Vents

Octagon Gable Vents add a noticeable accent with their crisp angles and vivid, contrasting color.

Outside Dimensions: 22”
Depth: 2″
Venting Area: 54 sq. in.
Rough Air Opening: 7” x 8”
Locking Position: .75″, 1″, 1.25″, & 1.5″


Half Round Gable Vent 34″ x 22″

The classic, eye-pleasing shape of our Half Round Gable Vent is well-suited for smaller gables.

Outside Dimensions: 22.1″ x 34.2″
Depth: 2.1″
Venting Area: 100 sq. in.
Rough Air Opening: 10″ x 10
Locking Position: .75″, 1″, 1.25″, & 1.5″


Standard Rectangle & Square Gable Vents

Straightforward, crisp style allows for bold color contrast and optimum ventilation. Several sizes are available, each with several locking positions.

12″ x 12″ White 001

Outside Dimensions: 14.2″ x 14.2″ (361mm x 361mm)
Depth: 1.75″ (45mm)
Venting Area: 38 sq. in. (965 sq. mm)
Locking Position: .50″, .75″, 1.00″, & 1.25″

18″ x 24″ White 001

Outside Dimensions: 20.2″ x 26″
Depth: 1.75″ (45mm)
Venting Area: 140 sq. in.
Locking Position: .50″, .75″, 1″, & 1.25″

24″x30″ Classic Style

Outside Dimensions: 26.2″x32.3
Depth: 2.18″
Venting Area: 97 sq. in.
Locking Position: .50″, .75″, 1″, 1.25″, & 1.50″