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ZXL WoodBinder Screw | 40-year Warranty

ZXL ScrewIf your metal roofing has a 40-year warranty, your screw should, too. That’s the thinking behind the ZXL WoodBinder from ST Fastening Systems. The ZXL screw has a 5/16 zinc/aluminum molded head that offers lifetime protection against red rust. That means, even if the powder coating is chipped during installation, the screw is not going to cause rust streaks down the panel.

Plus, the molded head covers the washer – protecting it from damaging UV rays.

The ZXL screw is an excellent choice for any long-lasting Galvanized or Galvalume roof system.

No Red Rust



Other Advantages of the ZXL Screw

Note: The use of impact drivers are not recommended for powder coated or any wet painted fasteners.